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Hello there and welcome to the Knight Of Redemption I'm Luke Soto
I am a new Author with TBN's Trilogy publishing and I am releasing a new book.
This book is called,
"For We Are More Than Conquerors"
This is my first book one of many that are coming forth. To find out who I am check out my "About the Author" page.
As you read the scripture you can see It was when Christ was crucified and breathed His last that the veil ripped and the saints that had died were resurrected,  they came back to be the witness testifying that Death has no longer bound them and they were a dead man but by the blood of Christ we can live again, They believed Him,They saw His love for them and all Hell broke loose. The devils that bound them for eternal torment were now bound and the saints were set free to worship and testify about the life they now live. We are the saints of this era can you say the same thing that these once said?
I can say God is alive and well and it is by His blood on that cross of Calvary that has washed my sins away and broke the yoke of sin and death off of me to allow me to live my best life in Christ.
It is the new life that is found in Christ that allows you to start to walk in the blessings of Christ. healing is a process not something that happens over night.  God is the one who delivered us from sin and death. The chains that bound you are broken and now bind that devil that had hold over you.
It is this process where God now helps that mindset of slavery to death change to the mind of Christ. It was the hill called "hill of the skull" that cracked open, and the blood and water that flowed from Jesus Christ's side keeps flowing and has changed our minds from the way we see sin to see things in light of the sacrifice that was made.
He tore the veil that separated us from His Love, He broke that bonds that kept our bruised feet tied and bound to sin and death.
The fire of God's passion burned and melted the stone cold heart and made it anew.  
where we are now looking for ways to live our lives for the Glory of God. God has made that plan already and you are His key person. you are the Lords and He gets glory from your life. 
This is the life of the believer, the life that God found so precious and fragile, that He sent His Son for our salvation our freedom.
this is the life that Christ saw fit to save and deliver.
The cross couldn't hold Him, the grave couldn't keep Him and hell couldn't bind Him.  I say like S.M. Lockridge "do you know Him?"
This author writes on the warrior life of Christ, that of Christ crucified and Christ redeemed and sitting at the right hand of God the father. And by His blood I am now redeemed from sin and death.
Now all of us saved whether new or old have a fight. Sin  may be saying, "No you can't live holy, because your a human and though your saved, your now gonna serve sin or be destroyed."
This is our fight, this is our chance to see our Lord rise up and say  with fire in His eyes, "Be redeemed by the blood of the Lamb shed on Calvary." 
"not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit says the LORD." (Zech. 4:6)
like G.E. Patterson once said, "Be healed, Be set free, Be delivered!"
Be blessed and may God be with you always, and may the Holy Ghost be upon you and rise up within you and strengthen you in your battles. 
I hope these writings can be a help to you on your journey. Give glory to God if they do if not find out what He is saying,  don't look at me I'm just a man trying to follow Jesus Christ.
Roar oh Lion of Judah, and get the Glory in these trying times. yeah though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, your rod and your staff guide me. Lord get the glory and may your Light pierce the darkness, and may Your Glory shine forth, Amen.
Your fellow knight in Christ
-Luke Soto