Who am I?
Hi there I am Luke Soto, a new author published with TBN's new publishing arm, Trilogy publishing.
I live in Colorado. I am in my 30's, I  live with my family and work in  a private hospital in my city.
I grew up in church and grew up bouncing through many churches. But one thing always remained the same Christ crucified and our souls redeemed by His sacrifice and His love. I never left or backslid if any are wondering just lived life and went to church.
I am a Catholic and honestly I don't see myself changing to an other denomination. I grew up as a Seven Day Adventist, a Baptist, a Evangelical and the one that made the most impact, Pentecostal. I met the power of God in my life and  must say at 12 years old to see God heal cancers, and see how those who lost hope met God in their despair and their lives were radically shifted.
I also remember the time where I saw missionaries go out to far off places and bring good news to all in that country. It was an awesome experience and to see how God healed those who were sick, and the stories of how God responded to their needs in times of trouble really made me awaken to know God is alive and well and looking to move in our everyday lives.
as for me, I am a CNA working in transport at a private hospital and I am also a licensed EMT.
I work and going to school for my RN license, yes still going for my RN in spite of the rampant disease that is terrorizing our world.
My God is Doctor and He is Comfort to all. I have heard my Lord often spoken of as love and gentle and peace and so kind that I was so put off, I said Lord I hate this hippie Jesus, this soft and weak tree hugging pansy that your spoken of. Your not a man who I can rely on in a fight, I don't want you but I know your stories and its said of you that your this amazing hero. This devil is someone who can kick my behind and I need a powerful ally I can rely on, can you show me who ya are I think that your better than this, can you show me?
Then God introduced me to Himself as the Warrior who took over Canaan, the Lord who sent Judges to lead Israel, He showed up as Lord of Hosts when the opposing country surrounded Elisha to kill him,  He showed up as Lion of Judah to Nehemiah. He spoke up as LORD of Hosts to Isaiah, Jeremiah, and His prophets.
And so I met with God as Lord of all creation, The Lord of Hosts. By the blood of Christ we have been redeemed to live our best life possible before Him. 
I hope this answers who I am and tells you a little about  the books you will be seeing come from my writings, I hope you see and meet with God not me.
God be the Glory, the Honor, the Praise, and may His Holy Ghost be upon you and show you great and mighty things, things which you know not ( Jeremiah 33:3)
Call on God, see Him and I hope I can help you see and hear the same God. Our Redeemer and Fighter, Jesus Christ.
our only true salvation.
Your fellow knight in Christ,

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